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Optical Lens and their Primary Advantages for Capturing Images

A big advantage of SLR cameras is that you can change the lenses. For every purpose there is finally an objective with which you can achieve the best results. With a compact camera you are stuck to the lens that comes with the camera and you can at most use a conversion lens edger to achieve a certain effect. On your SLR you change lenses in a few seconds, however. There are many different lenses available, here an overview of the different possibilities.

Zoom and prime lenses

lens edger

In general there are two types of lenses, zoom lenses and lenses with a fixed focal length (also called primes). With the so-called prime lenses you can not zoom in and out. Because of this, you are more limited in use, if you want to get closer to the subject, you have to get a bit closer and to get more in the …

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